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Flowers Counselling supervision

Counselling Supervision

I am a BACP senior accredited counsellor\psychotherapist. I am qualified as an NHS IAPT supervisor. I am an integrative highly experienced counsellor and supervisor with over 30 years of working professionally with individuals and groups both in a counselling, supervisory and training capacity.   

My training and experience allows me to draw on a wide range of theoretical traditions e.g person centred, psychodynamic, solution focused, psychoanalytic group processes and some CBT.

I am experienced in supervising counsellors and mental health professionals from varied backgrounds. I am also familiar supervising IAPT CFD counsellors and CFD trainees. I am an NHS IAPT compliant supervisor. I found having taught on the person centred Diploma course at Manchester Metropolitan University has given me a strong clarity in this approach which has subsequently helped trainees get through the requirements of the CFD course.

My extensive experience as a qualified mental health nurse and subsequent long involvement within mental health in the NHS primary care, IAPT service, voluntary and private sector allows me to offer a wide and grounded perspective on mental health issues and insight into these particular organisational demands and settings. 

I am highly competent with working with very complex clients  suffering form mild to severe mental health issues and also personality difficulties. I am accomplished in working within the mental health system and it's 4 step model. I am also extremely familiar and skilled with counselling and mental health assessment, particularly risk and risk management in terms of suicide, self harm, harm to others and safeguarding vulnerable adults and children.All this experience and knowledge I bring into the supervision.

My Supervisory Approach
My main aim is to provide a supportive, exploratory and educational role where supervisees can use the space to explore:

1. The clients presentation
2. Interventions\techniques
3. The therapeutic relationship
4. The therapist\supervisees reactions
5. The supervisory relationship
6. The reactions of the supervisor
7. Wider contextual\organisational issues 

My core philosophy is person-centred and believes the person is an expert in their own life, therefore the work I do will attempt to establish and support supervisees to find their own way through obstacles. I wish to encourage counsellors to practice in a safe way that is with integrity. 

I  also use some of the psychodynamic concepts from * 'Shohet and Hawkins' process model of supervision particularly 'parallel process' to help supervisee make sense of the client\counsellor relationship and accompanying dynamics.

I have regular supervision and have professional insurance. I abide by the BACP code of ethics.

* Robin Shohet and Peter Hawkins 'Supervision in the Helping Professions' (1989)


Personal funding and voluntary organisations- £45 per hour or £55.00 per hour and a half.

I offer a reduced rate for counselling students in training

Organisational- £50 per hour, £60 per hour and a half


 Whaley Bridge, High Peak, Derbyshire and  online.

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