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Client Feedback.....

''Thank you for helping me realise that I have the right to live my life for me. Thank you Theresa!'' - K

''Thank you for all your help. You've helped me forget about the past and move on. You've helped me get to know who I am  and try and put myself first for a change.''  - J

"I feel a lot better and am off all my antidepressants now. I feel a lot better now about my life and to question my irrational thoughts more. I am very grateful to you and although found it hard to open up actually 'enjoyed' talking and found you very none threatening. I think you are certainly in the right job." - N

"Thank you so much for all your help. I am so much better and forever grateful' - J


"A big thank you for all you have given me and helping me feel safe. I cant believe how far I have come" - A

" Thanks for all of the invaluable input you have given me. I have learnt so much from you" - P

''Knowing I had a session with Theresa to talk things though kept me going throughout these times. She was always caring, supportive and non judgemental which made me feel safe and at ease, to be able to share and open up about my fears and anxieties. I’m so grateful to Theresa for helping me to understand and accept who I am, and for giving me the tools I need to move forward.. thank you''- H

 Supervisee Feedback....

"Theresa has been my supervisor for over 4 years.  Her open, honest yet focussed approach has helped me to navigate some difficult situations with clients and encouraged me to develop into the therapist I am today.  Theresa is flexible, consistent, and reliable.  She has always accommodated my busy life.  She has shown me true compassion, understanding and professionalism – she cares about me as an individual, not just a therapist.  I feel lucky to have found such a great fit in Theresa.  Being a private practitioner can be a lonely experience and Theresa has helped to reassure and guide me through an incredible journey.  I could not have done it without her."

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